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If you are a lawyer with a client whose Fourth Amendment rights were violated by any level of law enforcement or government interference or regulation in Arkansas or elsewhere in the United States, the Little Rock law office of John Wesley Hall can help.

No practicing attorney in the country knows more about the law of search and seizure and any other Fourth Amendment matter than John Wesley Hall — a nationally recognized expert who has argued in the Supreme Court, is a published author with Lexis Law Publishing, and is a daily contributor on the subject of search and seizure law at

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted in 1791, was designed and intended to ensure that the government can only interfere with persons in the United States under specific circumstances and with prescribed methods. The case law under the Fourth Amendment, through 250 U.S. Supreme Court cases and hundreds of thousands of lower court decisions, has become hopelessly confusing with exceptions and exceptions to exceptions. The Fourth Amendment has become so complicated that even criminal defense lawyers dealing with it every day can no longer reasonably be expected to know everything about it.

John Wesley Hall is a former state prosecutor, active practitioner, and Fourth Amendment scholar who has handled thousands of criminal cases and hundreds of appeals for his clients. Contact him today to arrange an initial consultation.

The Fourth Amendment Lawyer with More Than 40 Years' Litigation and Writing Experience

Attorney John Wesley Hall is a national authority on criminal trial and post-conviction constitutional issues such as:

  • Trespass and the reasonable expectation of privacy
  • Standing to contest a search
  • Consent and common authority
  • Illegal traffic stops and car searches
  • Dog sniffs
  • Searches with a warrant
  • Particularity of the warrant
  • Overseizure/Seizure of items beyond the warrant
  • Challenging the warrant
  • Good faith exception
  • Cyber searches and computer document searches
  • Motions for return of property
  • Post-conviction proceedings
  • Asset forfeiture

John Wesley Hall has vast experience handling search and seizure cases in every type of case-‒ranging from possession offenses of drugs, weapons, child pornography offenses to document and computer and cell phone searches. He has successfully represented hundreds of clients whose cars, houses, offices, computers and cell phones have been unlawfully seized or searched by police or other law enforcement officers.

Were Your Client's Rights Violated By Police or the Government? Contact Us.

John Wesley Hall assists and considers referrals from defense attorneys in Arkansas and nationwide when his unique, proven expertise and legal skills are needed to represent a client with Fourth Amendment issues.

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